Large mammals

Giant pangolin

It's the most big pangolin there are all in Africa, it eats ants and insects. thay have a breastplace made off his skin it's very similar to a armadillo but very big, under his breastplace it have a cape of pelt of colour brown and very big nails. Also there are in Uganda
Manis gigantea 01 by Line1.JPG

Small mammals


The hamser is  one of the most adopted animal because is very small and it not disturb so much. There are of many tipes, normally the hamster is brown or grey but normally they have the abdomen white, the hamster eats seeds. The male hamster if you put with him babys the hamster eats them.



Royal Bengal Tiger at Kanha National Park.jpg
The tiger is one of the most famous big cats, they shares their food when hunt, no like lions, the lions fight for who gets the 
food. The lions have black strapes and the other parts are oranges. thay can swim very well.  They are in danger of extintion


Caiman tortoise

Is a very big tortoise and it is no very friendly, there are from America, they eat very types of meat, they are the most big tortoise of fresh water. They shell are very drak it haves the colours black. grey and brown

Alligator snapping turtle.jpg

Animals from the sea

Clown fish
They live in the pacífic sea they have constrated colour like orange with white red with white...
they eat the rest of animals in the sea anemones but also they need eat vegetables to live.

Anemone purple anemonefish.jpg



The most woodpeckers have the colour green, blue and  torange.
They eat  insects.
They  life in Africa.

Resultado de imagen de pajaro carpintero verde



The ants lifes in all countries
They eat than vegetables like meat
They have very strength.
They are the 25% of the animals in the earth
They divide the work in workers, soldiers and the queen
They atack and defense they bite 
They teach the little ants
They build a very big ''house''
They are depredators but also eats 
Resultado de imagen de ant



My best friend is called Jon, he is 14 years old. He isn't tall but also he isn't short, he has short brown hair, he is thin. I see him almost every day because he and me go to the same school. He don't live inanother cityhe lives not vey far from my house. He and me likes a lot to talk of viedogames and other stuff. He is very frindly and smart (when he likes to be). He is very good at soccer and english. He loves playing soccer, playing videogames and listening to music. We spend a lor of time together because we love talking. The only bad thing of him is nothing.



Two days ago I was watching an horror film when I decided go to my bedroom to sleep. While I was opening the door, I saw a strange form on my bed.When I turned on the light and I saw a ''thing''.
It was small, fat, with big feet, small legs, male, multicoloured, big hands, without clothes, pig tail, her head was folating on her shoulder, her arms was bouncing.
I couldn't belive it but it was there! He talked to me, he said:
- Hi earthline! our planet is going to conquest your planet.
Then I asked some questions:
- Why do you conquest our planet?
- Because you are damaging the planet with your greed and we save the planet killing you the humans then  we will save the planet.
-Ok... What is your name?
-That's not you business
- What is the name of your planet?
-The  name of my planet is Gliese
After that the alien showed off a raygunbut I reacted quickly and I stepped on the alien and I killed him.



Cinderella was playing in the garden when her mother died. Cinderella was sitting by her mother's grave when her father arrived with his new wife. When Cinderella's father died her stepmother made a maid of her. Cinderella was making breakfast when the newa of the royal ball arrived. The stepsisters was practising singing when Cinderella knocked at the door. While Cinderella was  cleaning the house the little mice sewed her a dress. Cinderella just stood while her stepsisters teared her dress to pieces. Cinderella was crying in the garden when her fairy grandmother appeared. While the duke was introducing the princesses to the prince he was yawning. Cinderella and the prince was dancing when the clock struck. While Cinderella was running down stairs she lost her shoe. When the prince found Cinderella again he married her immediately.



Rubén: Hey Alex what did you do last weekend?
Alex: I did a lot of thinks, on Saturday I went shopping
Rubén: What did you buy?
Alex: I bought some new clothes and I played tennis too
Rubén: Who did you play versus?
Alex: I played versus Jon
Rubén: Did you win?
Alex: Of course I won I am better player than Jon
Rubén: What did you do after the tennis match?
Alex: Well I had shower, then I went home in the eveningI went out with my friends.
Rubén: Did you eat in a restaurant?
Alex: yes, we had dinner at Mc Donald
Rubén: Did you enyoied the meal?
Alex: Yes we enyoed the meal very much and also we met some school friends there.
Rubén: Really! Who did you meet?
Alex: We met Isma, Fran and Adil and What about you?
Rubén: Unfortunatily I didn't go out this weekend. I didn't play tnnis and I didn't eat in a restaurant.
Alex: What did you do then?
Rubén: I stayed at home and I studied for this week exams.
Alex: Oh! pour you!



Yesterday I woke up at half past six (I don't know why) I had milk and biscuits for braekfast , I went to school at twenty to eight and the school beguns at seven o'clock. The first class was Catalan, after I did History next tecnology, English, after read and finaly I did Arts. I finished at half past two after school I went to my house, I had lunch, I did the homework and I played videogames. At twenty past six I went to English academy to study more, I finished at half past seven, after I studied for a Catalan exam. At quarter to eight I had dinner and I go to sleep.



Hi my name is Rubén I'm 13 years old. I go to a secondary school. I love videogames, computer programming, practising English, reading books, comics, creppypastas (urban legends)... My favourite videogame is POKEMON GOTTA CATCH EM ALL and I'm very good at playing pokemon. I like watching anime and reading manga very much